The Good, the Bad, and the Suburgatory


Suburgatory, a television show revolving around Tessa–a teenage girl who has been forced to move to a suburb by her father—Charlie. She makes friends with two nerds—Lisa and Malik.


When I first heard of a television show that would take place in a suburb I thought, “Maybe they’ll get it right this one time.” No. There are a few stuck up people in a suburban high school, but most suburbs are not completely uniform. Not unless you are a Stepford Wife.


The characters are not really believable, because the women are not what is what you’d see. I understand the suspension of disbelief applies to TV shows as well as movies and books, but as someone who was born and raised in a suburb it does not work. Desperate Housewives makes more sense and that’s a soap opera for prime time. (BTW I hate that they’ve canceled all the soap operas. Its stupid). The only believable characters are the Altermans and I know that they were written that way intentionally. I mean they are the main characters. It makes sense.


Now, don’t get me wrong. There were several things about the series that amused me. I enjoyed Gladas from “Charity Case” and the fake-out censorship in “Thanksgiving.” I would also totally be friends with Tessa if she were a real person. Its just that I can’t believe something that is so obviously fake. And there were memorable characters and not so memorable.


Now I could recognize Lisa Shay when her character showed up on screen, but I could only remember her as “Tessa’s friend” and “that girl who ran naked in that one episode.” To me that is not enough. I went online to find out her name because I could not think of it. I remembered Malik because his name was different and interesting. Lisa is just not memorable. I can remember characters whose parents controlled their every actions and they don’t turn out so well. (Think Charlie from Two and a Half Men).


Dallas is rememberable, but that may be because I keep thinking, “Who is that actress? I’ve seen her somewhere before.” I had seen Cheryl Hines before in two movies and she was marvelous in both. She does do a good job of portraying someone who is full of themselves, but I prefer her in roles like the one she had in Waitress.


I would recommend the TV series if you want something that is funny solely based on its dialogue.


3 out of 5 remotes.


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