Masters of Horror: Oooh! A Good One!

Two seasons. Twenty-six episodes total written by some of the best horror screenplay writers, or so the show says. Its a great concept and as a horror fanatic it seemed like the perfect series for me. I’ve seen it before, but it had been a few years, so when I found it on hulu I thought that I might as well watch it from the very beginning. The link is here. I reviewed each episodes for your enjoyment.

Masters of Horror is a series of one hour long stories that does not have a consecutive plot. If you are wondering how that’s possible, well there’s this cult classic from the 1960’s that also had been remastered when I was a child called The Outer Limits. Basically for one hour every week you get a scary or strange storytelling.


Season One Part Six


Episode six is “Homecoming” and is about a political consultant who blanked on the air so he wished all the soldiers who had died in the war back. Well, that starts mass zombie panic. I do have to say that this is the most unique zombie apocalypse story I had ever heard.

It starts out with the main character—Mark—and his girlfriend—Jane Cleaver (that’s right, make your jokes)—in their car, driving from some sort of election room and they encounter a large group of zombies. Then it flashes back to four weeks earlier when Mark made his wish. Less than forty-eight hours after the wish was made soldiers started coming back. Mark even encounters them in Arlington when he visits his brother’s grave. He believes his brother died in Vietnam, but later we find out that isn’t true.

Anyway, the zombies only want the right to vote. Of course the government rounds them up because they are a “health risk.” Now, don’t get me wrong. That does make sense since corpses can carry diseases, but I don’t believe that they would release all of them. To make it more realistic they might have thought about keeping a few “diseased” ones back. Since they are up and working I am sure that they would be able to release them later on with a claim that they were “cured” or they could have given them an absentee ballot.

So they are released and Mark claims that their votes will be counted. They voted in every single voting location in the nation. Afterwards the polls look bad, so Jane fixes it so that the zombie’s votes don’t count. This of course brings the zombies back to attack again.

This was a good episode. I enjoyed it greatly, though it did not scare me. Actually, I thought the dialogue was well done, though not incredibly clever. It was realistic, except for the bit about the zombie internment. I highly recommend this episode. If you never watch any others, watch this one.

“Homecoming” gets 4 out of 5 remotes.


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