Masters of Horror: Deer Woman? More Like Death Woman.


Two seasons. Twenty-six episodes total written by some of the best horror screenplay writers, or so the show says. Its a great concept and as a horror fanatic it seemed like the perfect series for me. I’ve seen it before, but it had been a few years, so when I found it on hulu I thought that I might as well watch it from the very beginning. The link is here. I reviewed each episodes for your enjoyment.


Masters of Horror is a series of one hour long stories that does not have a consecutive plot. If you are wondering how that’s possible, well there’s this cult classic from the 1960’s that also had been remastered when I was a child called The Outer Limits. Basically for one hour every week you get a scary or strange storytelling.


Season One Part Eight

Deer Woman


Episode Seven is called “Deer Woman” and is about Detective Dwight Faraday (we’ll call him Detective DF for short) who after a separation from his wife is demoted to the “weird call” desk. Detective DF has obviously lost it and now he’s stuck with animal attacks. To be honest, the way it seems his wife is dead—at least in the beginning. I find it ridiculous that they dragged out telling us that they were separated. That was one of the least important facts because either way he’s a burned out cop.

So he gets a call to a weird death of a truck driver and he finds the victim beaten to mince meat. The thing is, they find the door falling off and it looks like a hoof print on the man’s genitals. On the second victim there is deer hair and deer DNA on the third victim. So Detective DF manages to convince his boss to give him the case and he gets a side kick in this regular cop. They go out to dinner and he confesses that he accidentally killed his partner in a drug case. That is the reason he’s so messed up. His wife really doesn’t have anything to do with his attitude. He feels beaten up over his partner’s death.

So he goes back to work and his new partner goes to the casino to play some slots and such. He was doing a terrible job until the girl we’d seen with two of the victims before they died joins him. Then he starts winning and she gets him to take her to his home. Of course he would bring back the Deer Woman to his apartment, not paying attention to her legs. Then Detective DF goes to his partner’s apartment, but I have a major issue with that.

I have to call shenanigans on DF knowing where his side kick’s apartment is. They had never talked about it and they had only talked twice before this particular case started up. I also don’t believe for a minute because he rushed out of the office in order to save his friend. Suffice to say he does not make it in time. Deer Woman ends up either dying or getting away—you don’t really see—after DF hits her and a tree.

It was okay. The dialogue was believable until the Native American man started talking. He seemed more than a little fake and forced.

Episode seven gets 3 out of 5 remotes.


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