Masters of Horror: Sucolate

Two seasons. Twenty-six episodes total written by some of the best horror screenplay writers, or so the show says. Its a great concept and as a horror fanatic it seemed like the perfect series for me. I’ve seen it before, but it had been a few years, so when I found it on hulu I thought that I might as well watch it from the very beginning. The link is here. I reviewed each episodes for your enjoyment.


Masters of Horror is a series of one hour long stories that does not have a consecutive plot. If you are wondering how that’s possible, well there’s this cult classic from the 1960’s that also had been remastered when I was a child called The Outer Limits. Basically for one hour every week you get a scary or strange storytelling.


Season One Part Five


Episode five is “Chocolate.” Jamie is the meek guy working in a flavors lab and he has recently divorced. He starts getting weird tastes and visions. First he tasted the finest chocolates and the it went on to seeing her walking around, hearing nothing, and so on. Soon he is obsessed with her and has to go find her. It ends with disastrous results.

I will tell you no more because that is the plot. Really that is it. There is nothing of interest about the man except that his best friend is in a rock band. When I check into something labelled “horror” I want to be horrified. I want to be frightened to death. This was really just love gone astray.

Episode five gets 1 out of 5 remotes


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