Masters of Horror: Valerie the Beauty with the Beast

Two seasons. Twenty-six episodes total written by some of the best horror screenplay writers, or so the show says. Its a great concept and as a horror fanatic it seemed like the perfect series for me. I’ve seen it before, but it had been a few years, so when I found it on hulu I thought that I might as well watch it from the very beginning. The link is here. I reviewed each episodes for your enjoyment.


Masters of Horror is a series of one hour long stories that does not have a consecutive plot. If you are wondering how that’s possible, well there’s this cult classic from the 1960’s that also had been remastered when I was a child called The Outer Limits. Basically for one hour every week you get a scary or strange storytelling.


Valerie On the Stairs


In financial trouble, Rob has to move into a house for failed authors. His very first night there he hears banging on his walls and crying. He sees a woman crying out for help on the stairs, but every time he gets close he runs into a wall. He has a nightmare where he’s sleeping with the girl, but a demon takes her away. We get a good look at his neighbors. There is the crazy, cursing lady who yelled at him because he frightened her out of her play thing. His second neighbor is a failed author who is quite a bit older. The third, is a young man who says that he will take everyone who attacks him on.

His second night he sees the girl on the stairs, naked and she willingly goes to the monster to keep him safe. His new friend invites him to his room, but when he looks at his secret novel punches him. Later Valerie and the monster visit him. The monster kills him before having sex with Valerie. Valerie and the Beast belongs to three different writers. Valerie visits the crazy lady and the beast tears out her heart. He and the last living author speak in the room the crazy lady. Rob heads towards the beast’s home. Now, I’d like to say that if the novel they are talking about ever got published for real, I’d probably read it.

In the walls are a bunch of dead girls, including Rob’s ex. The last one was killed by Rob’s ex. He heads on back towards the monster’s home. He fights the beast for Valerie and wins, but when he drags her outside she dissolves into dust. Rob realizes that he’s nothing more than pages of the story and he starts pulling them off of him. Soon there is nothing left, but pages with words on them.

This was a creative episode. Coming from a writer’s point of view its a dream come true, though it didn’t come to be a dream for the writers in that house. The acting was amazing and even though he wasn’t the main character, Christopher Lloyd’s character was my favorite. I loved the setting and the dialogue was very believable until it got to the point that was obviously the fantasy part. Bruce got a little Irish in his acting for a couple of lines.

5 out of 5 remotes.



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