Sterile White Walls

Diseases, toxins, bacteria
White blood cells
Battle to save a life.
Surgery is a trauma of its own.
Recovery is not a team sport.

Hooked into an IV
A girl has shrapnel wounds
With internal bleeding.
Children should not be around

A hospital bustles
Doctors hurry
This one has to be rolled
To the O.R. now.
This one can wait.

No one appreciates what
A doctor does
Unless it saves
Your life.


About blackwinterrosethorn

I am an artist and a writer whose living in Virginia. I go to Hollins University and I am a double minor in Creative Writing and Music. I've been writing for about eleven or twelve years. I've been singing forever and I have been drawing and painting for four or five years. I am open to doing commissions and collaborative pieces. View all posts by blackwinterrosethorn

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