Awakening the Red Hood Chapter Two excerpt

Chapter Two Excerpt from my class “A Novel Idea” which I titled Awakening the Red Hood. If I name my chapters it might be the name of Chapter One. Please Enjoy!


Chapter Two

            While I was out the girls relocated my unconscious form to my bed, covers over it and everything. However, while they were taking care of my body inside the compound our enemies were plotting something in the frozen wasteland that had become Korea. They were the Lycans, men and women genetically engineered to be able to transform into an animal.

            These men and women have been trained by the best armed forces of Korea before the mutation. I had a vision while I was out telling me that one of the men I had seen in the research facility had gathered the others of his kind around a bonfire so that he could give a speech.

            “One of our spies in the United Continents of America has given me some disturbing news, Comrades,” he said. The crowd murmured for a few seconds before they quieted.

            “Comrade Hyun, what is this news? If it is disturbing, then we must hear it,” a man stepped forward to speak. He bowed in submission as he backed away, waiting for Hyun to speak. He looked over the crowd, allowing his own power to move his long, brown hair.

            “A girl I knew from my time in the research institute was picked up by the UCA from our zone, nearly twenty-five meters from this point,” he said, causing the crowd to gasp in shock. Several people turned to each other, strategizing a way to get me back. Hyun stepped forward and the crowd stepped back to give their leader the space he would need to think.

            “What do we do?”

            “Right now? Right now all, but Charles shall return to their bunkers and settle in for the night. Get going,” Hyun said loudly. Several people left immediately. The rest needed some urging from Charles, whose long hair and slim physic had led several people to assume that he was a woman on multiple occasions. He enjoyed the attention, or so he told me once upon a time.  His face was just a feminine as the rest of him, right down to his bright, blue eyes.

            “Hyun, what do we do?”

            “I am not sure Charles. I am not sure,” Hyun replied, sighing. As Charles was about to say something I was ripped back to my body. My eyes flew open to see Kim, Shia Shia, and Xia staring down at me as I lay in my bed. Carolina appeared a moment later with a glass of water. The girls helped me up to a sitting position and Carolina handed me the glass. I downed the water in a few moments.

            “Daijooboo? Are you okay?” Kim asked, placing a small hand on my right knee.

            “Call me Li-On,” I said, trying to climb out of bed. Shia Shia pulled me back every time my ass breached the air-bed threshold. I glared at her, but she just smiled in response.

            “What is your full name?” Carolina asked, drawing my face towards the right, where she stood with her hand.

            “Li-On Red.”

            “Did you ever have another name?”

            “I did… I think. This one fits me better,” I said, racking my brain. At the time I could not remember what my real name was, but I was in a state where I really did not care. I finally asked what happened. They told me that I had just collapsed after taking my vitamins.

            “Now, are you sure you are okay?”

            “I am fine, Xia,” I responded. They finally let me up so that I could stretch out my legs. The gun felt weightless on my arm, too light for me. I nearly hit Kim in the head when Carolina stopped me. She pressed something on the gun and it popped right out of its socket. I stared at her wide eyed as she walked out with the extension of my arm I was so used to. It seemed weird not to have the weapon attached to me as my limb when I had it so long.

            “This feels weird,” I griped, swinging my arm stub around. Xia shrugged before she started playing with something in her hand. At closer inspection I saw that she was playing with a small, flickering flame. I watched as she tossed it from one hand to the other before turning it into a dog. It barked little flames at me while wagging its little tail.

            “Xia, you are playing with your power again,” Kim said, hopping onto my bed.

            “I know.”

            “Why are you doing it?”

            “Because I can.”

            “Is it not dangerous?” I asked, moving to sit beside Kim.

            “Would you not know? I mean you have your own thing,” Shia Shia said. I shrugged. I had no clue what it was like. I could not get in touch with my power, whatever it was. Kim touched my shoulder and closed her eyes, trying to attach herself to my psyche. I pulled away when I felt the long tentacle-like probe touch my brain.

            “Do not do that!” I growled. She backed away with her hands up.

            “There is no need to shout. Dame desu!”

            “I’d rather not be probed.”

            “Kim, you know better than that! You must ask before you probe. Dame desu!”

            “Sorry, but she seemed so down. The powers are a side effect, so I was trying to find out what kind she had so that I knew what they did to her.”

            “I do not know what they did to me, Kim,” I sighed, moving towards the door. It felt odd having them all in my room when we were supposed to be in different rooms at all times excluding meals. Carolina walked in with something wrapped in some green paper in her hands. She grabbed a hold of the back of my shirt and pulled me to the bed. Kim moved out of her way as Carolina forced me to sit on the bed and extend my arm to my left. She sat on the bed to my left, forcing me towards the end of the bed. I watched her pull out a prosthetic arm and line up its base with my nub of an arm. The arm clicked in perfectly and I felt nothing, but a brief spark in my mind.

            “Woah,” I said, moving my arm this way and that. The hand opened and closed flawlessly, causing the girls in the room to gasp in shock. None of them had seen a highly functioning prosthetic before. I had. All of a sudden the arm started melding into my skin tone, with all the flaws that would have been there. Soon, I was looking at the exact same hand I had before Cryogenesis took me in. I moved my hands together, palm to palm, and moved them apart slowly, watching as they moved in similar ways like my real hand would have done. I reached my left arm over my head to see if the prosthetic would hinder movement. It did not.

            “Thank you, Carolina,” I said gratefully. She waved her hand.

            “Doo itamashita, Li-On.”

            “What are you going to do with your new arm?”

            “Nothing. It is mostly a balance thing. It is going to be weird not having a gun attached, though,” I responded, getting up.

            “Well, it is asagohan time now, girls. Get going!” Carolina said, stopping Shia Shia’s remark before she could have voiced it. We filed out of my room and headed towards the mess hall our usual way, but we were stopped by some men in uniforms.

            “Sargent, what is the meaning of this?” Carolina barked. One of the boys grimaced and pushed the older of the two forwards.

            “Doctor Carolina, the mess hall has been attacked, Sir!”

            “I am not a ‘sir’ and you know that, Sargent!” she barked again. Kim grasped my hand as I looked at Shia Shia. We nodded at each other. All of us knew not to get involved with an angry Carolina.

            “We must order you to the other mess hall, Doctor,” the first one said, peeking his head out from behind his friend. I smiled at him as he ducked behind again.

            “This is the only mess hall equipped for handling genetically engineered food. Are you telling me that you are not going to let our prize fighters eat their food?” Carolina growled. She was finally scaring the poor sergeant whose face was run ragged by the war.

            “The enemy is still in there, Ma’am.”

            “Li-On Red, you know your brand hatsu prosthetic?”

            “Yes,” I replied, lifting the hand to stare at the palm.

            “It fires bullets.”


            “Hai. Now go out there and make short work of those roba out there.”

            “Yes, Ma’am,” I said, shoving past the two men and into the hall. There were thirteen half wolf-half man beasts tromping over the tables and in the kitchen. I ducked behind a thrown table and peeked out at the enemy. The closest one was approximately fifteen paces from where I crouched. I took aim with my palm and fired. There was no sound, other than the thud the beast made when he hit the ground. I crawled towards the pillow and peeked out the other side, aiming at another thing. It went down with the same thud the first one did.

            I was not caught until there were three left of the thirteen still standing. The largest was brown with bright, green eyes. It seemed familiar, though I soon learned that it was male. He stood on his hind legs and stared at me. There was sadness in his eyes, but I did not think anything of it, taking aim at him instead. He and his two companions were gone before I could fire.

            “What the fuck?” I asked out loud before walking over to the door and knocking on it. Carolina was the first one through and she counted the bodies.

            “Juu. Good job. How many were there when you came in?”


            “Juu-san. Interesting. San got away. Why not fight?”

            “I do not know. Maybe they were just here to destroy and fighting would be a waste of time?” I wondered out loud. She shrugged. The army men sprinted to the kitchen as Shia Shia investigated the door to the outside world. Xia set the bodies on fire without lifting a finger and Kim sat on the seats of one of the tables that had not been overturned.

            I looked around, seeing not one bullet hole. It was as if my powers involved artillery. Heavy artillery, or so it seemed.

            “Look down, Li-On.”

            I obeyed to see blood where the beast had been standing and there was a broken piece of glass off to the side. Kneeling, I got a better look at the blood. It was red, like my own. A moment later a scent hit my nose and a message spelled itself out in the blood.

            “My name is Hyun. Well met, juk soo,” a voice whispered in my brain. Xia’s hand on my shoulder pulled me free of the grasp.

            “Daijoobu?” she asked. I nodded my head. She smiled before heading off to the kitchen. After looking at each other for a few moments the rest of us followed.

            “The kukku was eaten,” one of the army men said as we entered. They both looked like they had never seen anything, which suggested that the ugly one’s face was ragged because he worried all the time and not from experience.

            “Kuso!” Carolina growled. I leaned over to Shia Shia to get the translation. I found it weird that she would say shit instead of damn, but who was I to judge?

            “Who is Hyun?” I asked finally. The girls turned to me with wide eyes.

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