Alcatraz Premeire-Review

If you have not seen Alcatraz’s pilot, then do not read this article unless you want spoilers.


Alcatraz Notes to write review

The first episode starts with a voice-over of the information that we heard in the trailer for the TV show. As the voice-over speaks we approach Alcatraz by boat. Two men get off and something is obviously wrong. The guy that looks like Tobuscus says something and it starts a conversation for while before they go inside to find it pretty much empty. The voice over comes back and to be honest I can’t tell if the set of the old Alcatraz was actually Alcatraz, which would be ridiculous because there would not be that many people allowed to film in the prison itself.

We flash to the present where a little girl finds a man in one of the solitary confinement cells. The man seems disoriented and on the boat he opens the guide book to reveal a picture of himself. Is name is Jack.

Another flash back finds us with dear Jack following procedures until he is called out by a man in a suit. Guards tear about his cell and the deputy warden “finds” a weapon, though its obvious that he placed it there himself.

Not sure how much later we meet the main character chasing down a perp before we go to where she’s sitting with her boss. Apparently they need to give her a new partner. She’s called out because of a homicide of E.B. Tiller, a fed. The feds take over, giving us the Jurassic Park star Sam Neill as the main fed, and she sneaks off with evidence. Jack is the one who did it, big surprise.

Another flashback to Jack in solitary confinement where he isn’t sprung when he should be, then he’s back in the present with a key to a locker room and a gun. Then, we join Detective Madison in a bar where she speaks with an expert, played by a very slim version of a castaway from lost and his hair is still long and curly. They go to Alcatraz where we learn that the department Madison works for gave her a lock pick. Oh, yeah, that was smart. Then someone throws in one of those bombs that knock you out, whatever they’re called. I’m entertained by Neill’s performance when Madison wakes up.

Aparantly there is a secret lab under Alcatraz, run by Neill’s character. They learn that the transfer and death certificate for Jack Sylvane were bogus and he is too young for the amount of time he was supposedly alive. Much confusion ensues. Back in the past Jack’s blood is taken out and he speaks to another inmate by the number of 2002. Jack kills some cops before a Barkley Flynn is introduced. Jack commits another murder and runs off with a key in a soft, black bag.

The cops arrive on scene and find the dead Flynn. They find out that Jack’s wife remarried to his brother and Jack goes after him. The police break in after Jack left with his brother and left his nephew tied up. Madison finds Jack at his wife’s grave and points a gun at him. Jack is arrested.

Madison is invited to join Neill in his quest that he’s been on since he was a kid. Madison learns her grandfather was an inmate, not a guard at Alcatraz.

The acting was splendid and I was charged with electricity to know that Sam Neill was in it, since I love Jurassic Park. The dialogue was realistic and not just something they pulled out of their asses. The best thing was that they sent Jack to an exact replica of Alcatraz underground. It was awesome. The first episode got me hooked and I can’t wait until I can watch every single one. You can find the link to this episode here. It had a great pace, though the suspenseful music was a bit much in places.

I give the Alcatraz pilot 4 out of 5 stars.


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