Social Media Faults

Information overload.

I do not need to know

What you’ve had for breakfast.

Don’t tell me about Twitter,

I know about it already.


Certain things should

Not be tweeted about.

I don’t want to know

About you’re bowel



Stop! STOP!

You’re in Milan,

I don’t care. Stop

Posting to Facebook.

I don’t need to know.


The posts about

How much of an idiot

You are, not amusing.

Give me something



There is way too

Much information

Coming in from

All the annoying

Social Media.


About blackwinterrosethorn

I am an artist and a writer whose living in Virginia. I go to Hollins University and I am a double minor in Creative Writing and Music. I've been writing for about eleven or twelve years. I've been singing forever and I have been drawing and painting for four or five years. I am open to doing commissions and collaborative pieces. View all posts by blackwinterrosethorn

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