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Making Love

Dominatus‘ new one

is done already.

She looks beautiful.


From the fifties,

my love.


I watch him work.

He goes over to his old one.

I watch him take


out his scalpel.

He slid it over the skin

of her throat seductively.


He was having sex

with her, using

his scalpel.


I love you,

my darling April.

You are my showers.


His voice was melodic.

The scalpel penetrated

her epidermis and slashed.


She now wore a red dress.

Hissing White Noise

Hiss hiss hiss

Noise struck me


and drove deep

into my skull.


Hiss hiss hiss

For several days

I searched it out,

but it elluded me.


Hiss hiss hiss

Against my will,

I chased the sound

all over my house.

It stayed away.


Hiss hiss hiss

It countinued

for years, giving

me constant headaches.


Hiss hiss hiss

Eventually, I found

the Thing that made

that sound.

It hit me.


Hiss hiss hiss