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An Update

Hello my few fans,

I’m sorry I have not posted anything in such a long while. I’ve been very busy.

Firstly, I got a job at McDonalds at the beginning of the year. Its been going okay. Its not a career, but it helps me buy diapers for my son.

Second, I found out that I’m pregnant again. Hopefully a little girl this time. I had a trip to the hospital because of severe abdominal pains, and the cause was a combination of dehydration and the discomforts of pregnancy. I’m all right, but now I’m drinking more water, and thus visiting the bathroom more often.

Third, I’ve signed up for another anthology, deadline in December. 10K words to write. I’m a little nervous. I might make it a month goal. Like camp nano, only on my own. I might post my daily word count for that story. Maybe.

Fourth, I’ve applied for the associate editor position at The Sun Magazine. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m hoping to. Its going to be a great work for me. Plus, I could do the editing from home here in Virginia. Wish me luck.

Fifth, I’m working on my novel, which is taking a while. Plus the second edition of Murder by the Letters has to be prepared. I have to find stock image to send to the cover designer, and prepare everything so its ready come October when all the stories come in.

Lastly, I’ve been binge watching Call the Midwife, series four. I can’t help it. Plus, father’s day and anniversary shopping.

Thank you for reading.

More Publications!

Hello, my loyal fans. I have published an anthology of fourteen authors entitled Murder by the Letters: 26 Terrible Tales.

It is available on Amazon only right now, but it will be up on other sites soon enough.

Its available here.


“Murder by the Letters” is a collection of short stories created by a deeply prolific and diverse group of authors. The book not only showcases different voices and styles, but also presents a wide spectrum of genres, characters and topographies. Big cities, small towns, college campus, foreign countries, men, women, children, pets… they are evidence that any place can become a murder scene, while anyone can fall victim, not to mention, when it comes to deadly weapons, whether they are of conventional nature or not, the possibilites are infinite. Bottom line, anything can be lethal, even the alphabet. 26 letters, 26 crimes, 14 writers with homicide in their brains.

Dismembered: They Had it Coming…

Dismembered: They Had it Coming…

When an online writing group full of sick and twisted people, decide to take on the subject of murder… this is what happens. ‘The Unblocked Writers Group’ was started on facebook in 2010. On most days, they are content with the usual activities—sharing writing tips, posting excerpts of their current projects, hi-jacking posts with what they believe to be witty commentary and generally finding newer and more creative ways to drive each other nuts. However, once they were challenged to create their best fictional murder story in flash-fiction format, all hell broke loose. ‘Dis-Membered’ is a collection of short narratives from 12 writers with one mission: crafting the untimely and gruesome demise of whoever they felt had it coming. With tactics ranging from subtle acts of deceit and trickery to raw and savage depravity, they combined to leave a trail of bodies on the page. In the end, no one was safe from their wrath—not even their fellow group members.


My short story “Welcome to the Afterlife” was published in this anthology. Available on Kindle and paperback.