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Harley Quin

Don’t you dare try and leave

I have something up my sleeves

An ace of clubs and a fist

Tells you something’s missed


Black and red jumpsuit

Complete with matching boots

Give me a fight with black

Pigtails holding my hair back


My love’s hair of bean green

Cannot hide his form of lean

Avoid the gas he sprays

For your laughter will burst into a blaze


A hammer in hand with a grin

I’ll knock you into a rubbish bin

Give me something to cool in a pan

To defeat the Batman.l

Dear Black,

Black, we sit in you when its too hot.
We wear you in the winter to catch heat.
Returning negativity to its source is your talent.
We need you to hide our sins.

Black, we fear you as children.
We fear your connotations.
You’ve been permanently placed in death,
And condemned by man.

Yet, you are used in decorations.
Black skulls on key-chains, black stools.
Our cars have you to show class.
We find you in hair, oh Black, beautiful.

But you are not innocent.
Nor shall you ever be.
Condemned by religion as sin,
And forced to contain our creatures.

We use you.
We abuse you.
And you’ll always be needed.