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There once had been nothing

beneath black wings,

flapping with all my might.

No wind today.


An egg lays ready to hatch,

but ruffled feathers

have been plucked before

it arrived. No wind, still.


When the shell cracks

and falls apart, squished

face has green eyes blinking

against the harsh light


and the beak-mouth opens

wide. Shrieks call out. Breeze.

The larger beak-mouth could

not reach for wailing


chick, numbed from surgery

and drugs. The one whose movements

were not hindered reached

for the fluff. There is wind today.


Anti-Christ; A Film Review

Anti-Christ, a provocative film about the evils of human nature that knocked my socks clean off!

Anti-Christ is about a man who is going through the grieving process with his wife after the death of their child. Charlotte Gainsbourg played a convincing woman going through a constant state of panic while her husband (Willem Defoe, Spiderman) tries to cure her with exposure therapy. There is a lot of blood and pain, so if you can’t stomach it, then don’t watch this amazing film.

First of all I must say that Defoe and Gainsbourg both do a phenomenal job portraying their characters. They set the mood for each of the scene splendidly. I want them to work together again, and soon! Their chemistry was so realistic!

Next, I must applaud the cinema-photographer because there were so many beautiful shots of the nature as well as so much provocativeness in the less extreme shots. He did a wonderful job. I felt like I was there with the characters as all the action went down. The few special effects were so beautiful as well. Go special effect guys! Wardrobe was good, nothing was too outrageous which meant that the actors could play up their clothes instead of play up to their clothes. And they looked like they were easy to move around is as well.

The soundtrack was done completely organically. Not one instrument that you couldn’t find directly from nature without doing anything do it was used. The music sounded amazing and I want to sway to it as they played it. The person who found the location needs to be given a raise. I don’t know how they found Eden, but the place was beautiful. There were only a few places where it didn’t quite match up, but those areas needed to be done in a studio. It took an extremely close look at the set to notice that they weren’t the same.

Now, I’m giving this film all this praise because it was amazing, but I did have one issue with it. Trier tried to change the concept of an anti-Christ into something that is more like a battle for balance of power. This doesn’t really work because the title is something so ingrained in Christianity that its not something you can really change. I know that Lars von Trier titled it this because of his personal experiences, but it doesn’t work. If the film ended with the woman becoming pregnant after killing her husband that would make a bit more sense, but that’s not how it went down.

Over all Anti-Christ was so good that its at the top of my must see film list.

I give Anti-Christ 4 out of 5 stars.