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Making Love

Dominatus‘ new one

is done already.

She looks beautiful.


From the fifties,

my love.


I watch him work.

He goes over to his old one.

I watch him take


out his scalpel.

He slid it over the skin

of her throat seductively.


He was having sex

with her, using

his scalpel.


I love you,

my darling April.

You are my showers.


His voice was melodic.

The scalpel penetrated

her epidermis and slashed.


She now wore a red dress.


Slave and Master


She’s had plastic surgery,

I mutter it again and again.

Dominatus ignored me.

Let’s get this hair done right.

His voice was shrill.

Get the white blouse, Adsero.

I do. It sits beside

one of the other dolls.

She’s one of the older ones.

Here, Dominatus.

I say, giving him the blouse.

He’s ripped her old one off.

She’s perfect, Adsero.

I agree. He carressed

her body like it was his wife’s.

He misses her.

My wife was like a doll.

I say nothing.

There are police sirens


Prepare that one.

Yes, Dominatus.

Demon Debts Part Three

Warning: This may seem a little disturbing. Do not read if you are easily offended.

Marriage Made in Hell

            The woman standing behind the shojo door was human with long, brunette hair and bright green eyes. She wore a posh little number that reminded me of Claire and Rachel upstairs in their little, awesome cage, but the pencil skirt stopped a bit too high and the entire ensemble was red. Hell had sent its representative, it seemed.

“Hello? Are you just going to stare at me or do I get to see my son?” she asked, a tinkling voice shrouded in annoyance.

“You’re son?” I asked, confused. “There are no human men here.”

“Gregorious. My son is Gregorious,” she finally sighed, stepping past me to get into the main room. Gregor lounged on the cushions, reading what looked to be a literary magazine from Hell. Stealing it, I sat next to him. Gregor’s mother stood above him for a few moments before he noticed her.

“Mom! What are you doing here?” he asked, voice shaking. Rolling my eyes, I shook my head at his antics. He knew what she was doing here, but he didn’t want me to know.

“Are you going to introduce us, Gregorious?”

“Oh, sorry Mom. Mom, this is Faith. Faith is a really good friend. Faith, this is my mother, Joan. Father’s first wife,” Gregor said, taking my hand and squeezing it gently. Joan gave me a once over before smiling warmly.

“That’s better. Now was that so hard?”

“No, Mom.”

“Anyway, I have something to give you, but no outsiders can see. I’m sorry, Faith, but you’ll have to leave,” Joan said, stepping forward to help me out of the cushion. With magazine in hand, I smiled and waved as I walked into the kitchen. The first short story was a little three parter by someone called “B. W. R. Thorn” about some interesting relationship between demon and human. It wasn’t the norm that was for sure, though it did sound a little familiar.

“Well she has a good heart and soul,” I heard Joan’s voice from the main room. Whatever they were planning, I wasn’t sure I was happy I could hear part of the conversation. Their voices rose until I could hear them talking and then sunk until all I could hear were murmurs. Their conversation lasted an hour before I heard Joan yell out a farewell. Gregor was in the kitchen with me a moment later.

“Faith, I need to tell you something.”

“Yes, Gregor?”

“What I’m about to tell you, Faith, will be wiped from your memory if need be,” he said, avoiding the subject. I closed the magazine and looked into his eyes, full of love.

I blinked. Love had never been in his eyes before.

“What is it?” I asked, leaning forward to get a better view.

“My parents have been pushing me to find a… bride to settle down with and have lots of fat, happy children. My mom’s demands, not Father’s,” he said, casting his eyes down to stare at the table.

“Funny, so is my mom,” I muttered.

“And I’ve made my choice, Faith.”

I blinked again.

“You’re choice?” I inquired.

“Yes. According to tradition I must ask you to be my unholy bride and to take this ring,” he said, rushing the last few words. In his hand he held a silver ring with a heart in the center, hands on both side, and a crown over the heart. My heart stopped as I stared at the Claddagh Ring, my dream ring. A Celtic symbol for love and friendship, the perfect engagement ring held out right in front of me.

“Are you asking me to marry you, Gregor?” I asked quietly.


“Hot damn,” I muttered, wrapping my head around everything. “And if I say yes, how long would I have.”

“Until the joining? A couple of hours at the most, really,” he responded.

“Hell, fucking yes,” I said, launching across the table to kiss him with all my might. We made out in the kitchen for a few moments before I had to breathe again.

“Alright. I have to go. See you in a few hours, love.”

“Okay,” I muttered, leaning down to kiss him, but he’d already disappeared. The Pixies who worked with him began to appear one by one until the room was full of Pixies and fabric. They worked tiredlessly to created a green wedding dress that had a Indian-styled veil that went down to my thigh. The collar was like a kimono, as well as the sleeves, and my waist was clenched in by a corset tied tightly. The skirt of the gown looked like it was out of the nineteenth century. I had no shoes, but I didn’t mind.

A little imp appeared with a cloud of smoke, causing the Pixies to chitter angrily at it. It looked a little confused at first, but then bowed stiffly.

It is time, Miss Faith. Gregorious the Lustful waits for you with his brother, Patarion the Wrathful-and-Currently-High-on-Marijuana, a voice said in my head.

“Are you saying that?” I asked the little imp. It just bowed before gesturing for me to follow him. We walked out to the garden with the pond shaped like a kidney bean. A little house sat on the edge and Koi fish swam near the surface. Gregor stood in a loin cloth just outside the house with his father in the doorway. Claire and Rachel stood in chains and gagged, no doubt because of their loud and obnoxious bitching. Joan stood on the otherside of Gregor, her hands on his shoulders.

“Faith, you have decided to take my son as your mate for all eternity. You have a chance to change your mind now,” Lucifer said, his hands resting behind him.

“I want to we-join with Gregor.”

“Very well. Tradition speaks that two bigoted Christians must be sacrificed and sent back to their God for their reward or punishment. That is the demand. Do you understand?” Lucifer said, his hands punctuating his words.

“Yes. Who does the sacrifice?” I asked, glaring at the two bitches.


“Give me a knife then,” I said, starting towards the girls. A knife appeared in my hand and I started to work. Before long they were both dead, their blood pooling around their maimed bodies. Remarkably, my dress remained undamaged. A second later, a bright light blinded me before Gregor and I were alone in a small shrine, where the large and towering piece of shit used to be.

“Welcome home, Faith,” Gregor said, sweeping me off my feet and into the bridal hold.

“Welcome home, Gregor,” I responded, giggling. With a chuckle and a prance, Gregor stepped over the threshold of our new home and into our new lives.

Demon Debts Part One

Warning: This may seem a little disturbing. Do not read if you are easily offended.

The Second Time

            I don’t know how it started. One moment I was napping was the smallest bedroom of Mom’s three-bedroom apartment and the next I was running in a world I knew well with two girls who had never stepped foot off of their perfectly manicured lawns. These two girls were dressed prim and properly, high heels with matching skirts and the like.

The ground was uneven, red, and squeaked every eighth step. There were no trees where we started out, but the tree line was not far away. It took us less than twenty minutes to reach it and cross through the bushes. The girls tripped as they ran, stopping us every few moments. I had only wished that I was alone, taking care of myself.

“Stop! Stop! I can’t breathe!” one choked out, far behind me. I stopped under a tree that still had all its covering unlike the other trees and turned to face her. Her blond hair was damp over her forehead and falling out of what was once a neat little bun at the nape of her neck. She was kneeling, clutching her chest, as if she’d just fallen over. Her white blouse had been wrinkle-free when I first saw her, but now they were everywhere.

“We can’t stop. Its still too open,” I said, gesturing for her to move forward. She stayed where she was, obviously confused.

“Where are we?”

“This is not the place to answer that,” I said, turning around.

“Answer her question!” the other girl shouted, causing me to turn around and glare at the offending person. Somehow she had managed to keep her hair up in a bun and her clothes showed no manner of the deteriorating of style that was evident, until you saw that one of her heels had broken off her shoe. A light sheen of sweat showed over her brow, perspiration from running and the unnatural heat that the demon dimension held.

“Not here. This is a demon dimension and we need to get to the only safe place I know here. Now we are continuing to run. Keep up or die,” I growled, spinning on my heel and running off before anyone could say anything more. After a few minutes I heard the tell-tale sign that they were following me.

We ran for a few days, stopping only to sleep in shifts and eat. The girls tried to share their lives with me before I promptly shut them up. The woods of the dimension were full of demons that would use personal information against the owner. I had learned it the hard way my first time. I had learned a lot of things my first time.

It took six days to reach the shrine’s gates and another three to travel the grounds. Gregor waited for us right outside his front door. The building was held together with magic and sex. It was a good combination for strength. According to Gregor, anyway. The building was many stories tall and looked like it would fall over at any moment.

“There is no freaking way I am staying in that piece of shit house,” miss blond said. I turned to her, glaring.

“This is the safest place you will find.”

“And how do we know that this is the safest place? He might attack us. How do we know he won’t?” Brunette asked. I turned back to Gregor, smiling.

“Because Gregor owes me.”

“And it’s a nice shiny debt. Its repaid after this, right?” he asked, stepping forward to grasp my right hand. He raised it to his lips and left a kiss between the knuckles of my ring finger and my middle.

“Affirmative, but your home looks a little more run down than the last time I was here.”

“It is. Not many girls want all this,” he said, gesturing to the well sculpted chest and almond-shaped eyes. It was a joke that made me smile. He was rather popular with the ladies when he left the piece of shit he called a house, but he rarely left. Women didn’t want to trek to a place in the middle of nowhere that was barely being held up.

“Not many girls want to travel to the middle of nowhere, Gregor,” I responded, winking. He chuckled before gesturing to the girls, asking silently who they are. I simply explained how we had arrived together, but I didn’t know them. He shrugged, sliding the shojo door open so that we could walk in. The main room was spacious, lacking the big, American furniture that I was used to, but it was nice and cozy. Blond took one look around the room and shrieked.

“Shut up,” I snapped.

“Leave ‘er alone,” Brunette said, getting obviously angry. She seemed to speak with a British accent when she was pissed. I remembered her snapping at me in the forest, but I hadn’t paid attention then.

“I didn’t mean to be-uh-rude. Its just-I-I… Its just so… Just so…”

“Oriental?” I suggested.

“Yes! Yes, that’s it! This place is just so Oriental. It doesn’t make sense. I was in Richmond, in my house. You know I live in one of those neighborhoods full of mansions and perfect lawns. You know,” she said, nervously scratching at her cross necklace. “There’s something wrong with this. This world, it isn’t… This isn’t right.”

“This is a demon dimension,” Gregor said, placing a hand on my lower back. He nudged me towards the cushions that looked nice and comfortable. I willingly travelled the distance to the cushions and sunk into the fluffy goodness. Blond and Brunette refused to move from where they stood and huddled. Blond was crying big Barbie tears that looked more like they’d been painted on, though they came out of Blond’s eyes. Gregor joined me on the cushions, choosing to sit close enough that I could feel tingles starting from my thigh and heading all over my body. Just like last time. I didn’t know if Gregor could cause things to happen in a woman’s body, but he was a good demon when it came to fulfilling his debts. Causing him to owe debts was a fun pastime.

“How long are they going to be here?”

“How long until you can get them back?” I countered, moving my thigh an inch away from his leather covered ones.

“I’m not sure,” he responded, staring at them. “What’s Snivels and Martha Stewart’s stories?”

“Two rich girls are suddenly no longer in the dimension they were born and raised in,” I responded nonchalantly. Gregor scooted over closer to me so that our thighs were touching again.

“Well, girls. I’ve best be off with lil’ o’e Miss Red,” he said, running his hand up my back. It stopped on my left shoulder.

“You know my name’s not Red.”

“I’m sorry. Faith. Ironic, considering,” he responded, kissing my temple.

“Considering what?” Blond asked, lifting her tear-streaked face from her hands. My attention had been on Gregor when she had changed her physical position.

“Faith has always lacked her name.”

Blond looked confused and Brunette just had the infuriated look she’d always had. Gregor pulled me to my feet as he stood and guided me towards the stairs to the second floor, where we stopped the last time, but we didn’t this time. He led me up the stairs again to the third floor, opening a Christmas green door that stood out from the wall strangely, but I could never fault a home out of its dimension, or a room. He opened it by pulling outward, but it swung inward. A paradox.

I stepped in as he gestured as “ladies first” before he shut the door by pulling inward. It swung outward. Before I could question the door he was in front of me, touching my face with the pad of his thumb. Running it over my right cheek, he pulled me closer with his other hand so that my lips would meet his. His lips were gentle, as they had been last time. A hand made its way down my back, stopping at my rump. His tongue danced in my mouth as he always had, lifting me up so that he could carry me bridal style over to the bed. I lost contact with his mouth when he laid me down on the soft, green comforter.

“I recognize this mattress,” I whispered as he crawled over from the other side of the bed, holding a bottle of wine I hadn’t seen him grab. Two glasses waited on the table beside me.

“I just moved my room, dear. Pass me those glasses, darling,” he replied, running fingers through my hair, lengthening it. The red contrasted against my pale arm. Gregor reached up with his hand and slipped one of my spaghetti straps off my shoulder and down my arm. He manipulated my arm so that the strap came off. Smiling, I reached for the glasses and handed them to Gregor. He filled them quickly, giving me one back. I sipped, enjoying the taste of the combination of the sweetness of fruit and the tartness of a green apple. The other strap was moved and the fabric covering my breasts dropped off me suddenly.

“Naughty,” I scolded, mockingly. He laughed a full belly laugh before kissing me again, tasting me. A few moment later I was fully naked and he was stripping. Taking my glass from me, he placed them on the trunk at the bottom of the bed before he turned back to me. Kissing me again, he gently turned us over so that I was on top. He lifted me a little and then…

I woke up an hour after falling asleep and found Gregor watching me like I was some sort of sleeping beauty. I muttered a quick “hello” before sitting up, grasping the sheet to my bossom.

“Do you always go around without a bra and panty set?” he asked, running his fingers through my lengthened hair.

“Only in this dimension, ‘cause they don’t seem to transfer well,” I murmured, moving closer to his warmth. He smiled, touching my face as if I were the most precious jewel in the world.

“How are you?”

“I’m fine, Gregor. I’ll just put on some clothes.”

“Take a shower, love,” he said, gesturing to a door I hadn’t noticed before. Thanking him, I dropped the sheet and climbed out of bed. The heat greeted me as I walked to the door, a pale mint green. Gregor’s personal space was always set in a monochromatic color scheme of green. The shower was a deep forest green with lime green tiling. It was obscene, but it was Gregor.

As the water poured from the ceiling, I allowed myself to think things I could not think around others. I could admit things to myself that I could not admit to my friends or even Gregor, whom was my personal demon for all these years. There was a support group I was part of back in Richmond. We met once a week in the small thrift boutique before it opened and talked. There were other girls like me, ones that had sampled Gregor. Demons became addictive, hard to stop yourself from wanting. Its worse than any kind of drug you’d ever find on Earth. What was worse was that Gregor would try to woo you by leaving little gifts on your bed. A necklace here and a diamond there, trying to ask you to love him. Gregor had always been a charmer. The group had been around for generations, thanks to him.

Something changed after he had me. He stopped courting the other women, though I kept receiving gifts. On my birthday I always got a little crystal bobble and for Christmas he sent me rings covered in real diamonds. He was my own secret admirer, except he wasn’t a secret. I knew who he was. He communicated with me through telepathy and little notes. I found them everywhere. I know him better than I know myself and vise versa. I can’t honestly say if I love him, but he’s the only one who ever caused my heart to swell with warmth.

The shower never ran cold, so I could take my time with my thoughts before I needed to wash myself. It didn’t take long to bathe, so I was downstairs after a few moments. Blond and Brunette had finally moved to the cushions, believing it was safe. From whom, I did not know. It could have been Gregor or me, but it didn’t matter.

“Alright, Blond, you’ve got some time. Take a shower. There are bathrooms on every floor. It should be easy enough to find one,” I said, walking past them and to the kitchen. It was stocked full of food, well prepared. The pots and pans were in the cabinet above the stove, just where I’d remember. Checking the cabinets, I found what I would need to make a batch of pancakes. When I left the kitchen both Blond and Brunette were staring at me. I placed a plate of pancakes in front of both of them.

“Why are you naked?”

“I just didn’t have anything to wear. The servants haven’t created my clothes yet,” I responded, shrugging. Nudity had never been a big deal to me. Since I was a child, it was more comfortable than clothing.

Gregor walked in, wearing a pair of hakamas—traditional Japanese pants that hung loosely around his legs and tied at the waist. The midnight blue looked shocking against the red of his skin. He had no shirt.

“Would you like some pancakes, Gregor?” I asked, gesturing to the kitchen.

“No thank you, Sweet. I’ll take your lips instead,” he responded, walking right over to me. His lips were on mine in a moment, but were gone the next. Blond stared at me and Brunette sat back in her seat.

“You’d sleep with a demon? You are damned. You are going to Hell,” Blond said, clutching her cross necklace.

“And you’re accepting his help. What will happen to you?” I asked.

“I pray for forgiveness every minute I’m here,” Blond growled.

“Whatever you say, Blond.”

“Rachel. My name is Rachel, you-you SATAN’S WHORE!” she shouted at me, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at me. Brunette played with her hair, twirling it up into a tight bun. She secured it with something I didn’t see before pulling the red robe she wore tighter around herself.

“What part of England are you from, Brunette?” I asked, coyly. Blond—Rachel—and Brunette both wore crosses, looking at me the way my grandparents always had. The religious types were all the same. Kind and considerate as long as they were rich and thought you could be converted to their faiths. At least the self-righteous-believing-that-they-could-never-sin types were that way. Gregor was wrong about me. I wasn’t lacking in faith. Lacking faith wasn’t something I had. In religion. I had a religion. That wasn’t what I lacked.

I lacked the faith that humanity could be good without something stronger than an ideal of Hell. They needed something physical.

“I’m not originally. I pick up accents really well. I’ve been working in London for the past couple of years. My name is Claire,” she replied, pulling a rosary from her pocket. She crossed herself and began to pray.

“Why are we here? Why did we run?” Rachel spoke again, sounding a little calmer.

“The last time I was here, I got chased by Gregor’s brother and an army of demons. I felt the ground shake. Are you expecting a visitor?” I asked, snuggling up to the nook between Gregor’s arm and side. He shook his head, kissing my forehead. He was the most affectionate demon anyone had ever heard of.

“So Gre—“

“Don’t say his name,” I interrupted. “Giving something a name gives it power. Gregor won’t use his power on me, but he would on you. In a heartbeat.”

“I would.”

“So he has a brother? How do we know his brother won’t do anything?” Brunette—Claire—said. Gregor touched my temple with one hand while gestured to the stairs. Five little Fae—Pixies to be exact—flew in with a short, green dress hanging between them. The green was a dark green that contrasted well with my pale skin once it was on. The fabric was pure silk.

“This is Gregor’s land,” I said, feeling giddy. Presents did that to me. A friend once told me that if I met the right guy I’d turn into a psychopath. She was right.

“What does that fucking have to do with us getting out of here?” Blond—Rachel—asked in a screaming voice. My ears begged me to do something about her mouth. I opened a cupboard and pulled out the duct tape Gregor had always kept in it. Within a few moments Blond—Rachel—was gagged.

“Language, language, Miss Rachel Blond. Keep the gag on. Believe it or not we have been here one month already and the Pixies and Brownies are getting annoyed at you,” I giggled. Time differences in dimensions always made me giddy. My body’s systems had finally synced with the demon realm after a month. Being cool and collected never worked here. The demon dimension always brought out the worse in everybody. I was the only one in the support group who admitted to being comfortable with it.

“What is wrong with you? Just yesterday you were… different. What happened?” Brunette—Claire—asked.

“It’s the dimension, Ladies. Faith just finished adjusting to it. She’ll be back the way she was come morning,” Gregor responded, pulling me up the stairs and back into his room.

“You have to explain this room to me, Gregor,” I demanded.

“Its in a different dimension. Shouldn’t it be obvious?”

“But why did you dress me to match the décor? You owe me another favor. So answer me,” I growled, pulling away from him before he could grab a hold of my arm or something.

“Because you are pretty much in my personal space,” he responded. The night could only be described as blasphemous.

It took another month before the two nice Christian girls moved, but by then a knock had come to the door. I opened it, wearing something from a pin-up magazine from the fifties.

“How can I help you?” I asked, spotting a male demon with horns jutting out of his head. He wasn’t the one I had seen the last time I was here.

“I’m looking for my brother, Gregorious,” he responded, straightening up his back.

“For a visit or to drag him back home?”

“A visit. His barriers wouldn’t let me in for any other reason,” he responded. I stepped aside, leaving just enough room for him to pass into the main room. Blond—Rachel, blast—and…Claire jumped to their feet. I forced them to sit back down, physically. Admonishing them, I rushed upstairs to get Gregor.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me your full name?” I asked, reaching forward to touch his face.

“Because Only my older brothers call me Gregorious. Its embarrassing. And not Mom’s fault, either,” he murmured, running a hand through his hair, revealing the start of horns. Demons were fickle. In some families the growing of horns equates puberty, but in others it just means that there was some sort of big change. Since I didn’t know Gregor’s family very well, I wasn’t sure/ It was the first I’d ever seen of the horns.

“Your brother’s here,” I told him, admiring the lack of shirt again. “Does your dad call you Gregorious?”

“Yes. Its annoying.”

“Poor Gregor,” I joked. He gave me a pensive glance before shaking it off.

“Oh, I see how it is. Love ya too,” he said, walking past me and out of the room. I followed shortly after. The main room had gotten hotter since his brother had stepped foot into the building. Gregor glared at his brother, taking a defensive stance. They hadn’t even started talking yet.

“Please tell me you aren’t with these two trollops, Gregorious,” the large-horned one groaned.

“No, Patarion,” Gregor responded.

“I see you’re with the same bitch you were with when Luciderate was here,” Patarion said, crossing his arms. His uniform looked just like something out of Nazi Germany.

“She’s not a bitch.”

“Begone, vile demon!” Bl—Rachel screeched, duct tape in her hand. Rolling my eyes, I stalked over to her and grabbed her arm. Dragging her out of the room, I made sure she made it to the very top of the building. The room was the equivalent of a one-room house or studio apartment. Throwing the bitch in was pure enjoyment. Bru—Claire—joined her.

“Neither of you will leave this room. I have reached the end of my patience as well as everyone who is currently in the building’s. Deal. With. It,” I growled, shutting the door and locking them in. I returned downstairs.

Patarion and Gregor sat across from each other at a chess board, full game ready to start. As soon as I entered Patarion moved his first pawn. It looked like it might have been the chess match of the century.

“Are you still trying to get her?”

“To get her what, Patarion? I made a deal with Father. Do you remember?” Gregor responded, countering with another pawn.

“Yes, but he wants grandchildren in the near future, Brother,” Gregor’s brother pointed out. I moved over to the side of the table, admiring Gregor’s hands.

“And by near future you mean now.”


Gregor ran a hand through his hair, revealing his horns again. Patarion gasped and then promptly coughed.

“Have you not had your daily dose of Marijuana, yet?”

“You know its my only vice, just like yours is red-headed women. I can’t believe it. Father will be thrilled,” the over-compensating-for-a-small-life-force-with-giant-horns said.

“Father won’t be. Mom will. So why has another rift caused men and women to enter this neutral dimension?” Gregor asked.

“Grandfather wants a family dinner.”


“Yes. The old fool wants all of us to visit him in his ‘house of many rooms.’ He doesn’t realize what we’d have to go through in order to get past customs,” Patarion sighed, pulling a joint from his coat pocket. “My God is it fucking hell.”

“Ironic, considering where you live. Please don’t smoke that in here. If I wanted my house to smell like a pot house, I’d have brought all the distribution kings in Hell here,” Gregor said, pulling me into his lap. “Plus I don’t want her around that. If you know what I mean.”

“I’ll smoke it later then. Don’t want to upset anything that is happening to grow,” Patarion said. “Besides, Father wants me to find something else. He’s allergic to this shit now.”

The game lasted a couple hours and Patarion declined to stay for supper. I thanked everything I could name for that.

“If we do go to Grandfather’s for supper, bring her. She’ll love the Angels,” Patarion said, walking out.

“I doubt it,” Gregor mumbled.

Cleaning out the Fridge.

Something lurks inside of there,

Sitting in some Tupperware,

It sits, waiting to be released from the refrigerator,

Pretending its an elevator

To get to the human realm,

Putting on its helm,

Ready for the battle that will give them a feast

Of human flesh. Should we fear the beast?

It is naught but mold,

Which we will throw out in the fold.

Though it shall explode

And break its code.

“A Novel Idea” My Novel Chapter One Excerpt Part 2 “Awakening the Red Hood”

Continued from the previous post…

“Hello, Miss Red,” she said, leaning against the wall.

 “Why are you calling me ‘Miss Red’?” I asked. “It confuses me.”

“My name is Carolina. You are called ‘Miss Red’ because we found you in the red division of  the continent Korea. The United Continents of America pulled you out as soon as we knew you weren’t Asian inherited,” she replied. “We couldn’t save your arm though.”

 “What’s going on?”

 “What year is it?”

 “What do you mean ‘what year’? Don’t you know?”

“Why don’t you tell me, Miss Red?”

“Its twenty-twelve,” I responded, trying to move the chair in any direction. When it didn’t budge I glanced down at the feet to see them screwed to the floor.

“Actually, its thirty-twelve.”


“In twenty-twenty-five the United States of America combined forces with Japan to launch a new order on another planet and maybe even in another galaxy. That’s all I’m going to tell you about that, but I will tell you the consequences,” Carolina said, sliding down the wall to sit cross-legged.

“What? Consequences?”

 “Korea and China took offense and joined together. That made England, France, Germany, and Spain have a major Bitch-Fest. They joined us and the shit started hitting the fan mainichi. All of the connected portions of Asia joined Korea and we got the Middle East,” she said, inspecting her fingernails.

 “The Middle East? Really? But we are at war with Iraq!”

“Not anymore. Then India tried not to get taken over, but those damned Akai got to them. We got what was left. We are at war with Korea. Those damned Kankokujin started it,” she growled.

“Then, what am I here for?”

 “Miss Red, we need you to do the hardest job of all. The United Continents of America need you to use your genetic mutations for our side.”

 “Genetic mutations?”

 Carolina knocked on the wall over her shoulder with the back of her hand. A screen dropped from the ceiling and rested mere inches above Carolina’s head. A movie came on that explained that I had signed up for the program for one reason or another. The facility had taken my genes and changed them to create the ultimate weapon. I was kept in a cryocontainer to keep me frozen until the technology could come about to control the side effects.

 “Do you understand now?”

  “Are the side effects gone?”

 “No. There was no way of getting rid of them without destroying your Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid. Kuso we tried,” she responded. The screen went back up and a man entered to stand beside Carolina.

 “Miss Red, this is Dick.”

 “Hi, Dick.”

 “Really? This is what you do? You bring in a mizuumi worth of girls who have genetic mutations with absolutely no control of their abilities,” he groaned. I narrowed my eyes at him, feeling the tension in my neck rise. Soon all I could see were sparks, like electricity was the only thing in the world. Someone screamed and a few moments later I opened my eyes and saw the man lying on his side. Carolina just looked at the body as if it wasn’t anything new. It probably wasn’t to her, but I was shocked.

 “Thank you. He’s been a ikai experience for the last fifty years,” she said, nonchalantly. “Anyway, you’ll get to start your training soon enough. Your arm attachment will be replaced with an arm when it comes through the kookuubin.”


“We’ll start with your grappling gun,” Carolina responded, knocking on the wall again. The door opened and a droid entered the door. It beeped at Carolina a bit before using a metal arm to pull the man’s dead body out of the steel door. A trail of blood followed behind like a little lost puppy. Another droid came out to obsessively clean the blood spill.

 “Can you walk?”

“I do not know,” I responded, attempting to stand up. I was on my feet for a few minutes, wobbling like I was going to fall down, before I took a shaky step towards Carolina. She smiled before she ushered me through the door.

 She led me towards a bright, turquoise door that opened upwards. Carolina helped me to the fire range and I aimed at the black person-shaped black paper.

“Now, just tense your muscles in your upper arm and you will fire.”

 “What?” I asked, taking aim. I tensed my upper arm and a rapid string of bullets came from my arm, but it went wild. Carolina halted the flinging of my arm with a robot’s grasp. The gun continued to spasm on my arm, even after I relaxed my arm. She helped me pull my arm back to my side before picking up the clipboard and writing something down.

“Alright. We’ll have to do some strength building exercises for that arm. Now what might help in the beginning is to rest your elbow on the table as you aim. Rest it on your hand right below the elbow on the machine gun. Let it relax and fire,” she told me, helping me adjust my arms so that I held in the same stance Carolina had suggested.


“Try firing now,” she said, bracing my shoulders. I tensed my upper arm and relaxed. I hit the paper this time, though I didn’t actually hit anything vital. She pulled away and I attempted to fire again. I followed the same pattern as before. She told me to relax my gun.

 “I want you to use the gun like it is a weight. Lift it twenty times a day,” Carolina said, helping me to stand under the weight of the weapon. She pulled me through another door, into a corridor that lead all the way down. She took me on a path that sloped down, but stopped before the bottom. I watched her red hair flow towards a blue door and a second later I noticed the red fingernail polish on her fingers as she pressed the button. The door slid open in an “x” shape to reveal a sparsely furnished room with a single bed and a toilet.  There was enough room for me to exercise.

“Is this where I live?”

“Now that you are awake it is. You are on the right side of the hall, so you are with the evening shower people. Be very careful with that toilet. It is an old model, pre-3000s, so it may not flush as well. It might even back up time to time. There is hand sanitizer because we’ve found that it is cheaper to make now that the ushi are so rare. We need them solely for milk,” Carolina said, gesturing to the room. “Speaking of milk… Asagohan is at oh-six hundred hours. Hirogohan is right at twelve hundred and kongohan is at seventeen hundred hours. Other than that daishyoobu.”

 “Okay… How long am I going to be here?”

“Until you are completely rehabilitated.”

Carolina helped me to the bed and I sat down. My backside hit the lumpy cushion and she released me. She moved her hair out of her face before walking out the door. The door closed behind her and locked itself with a loud, laser sound. I leaned over so that I was lying on my side. The boots were incredibly comfortable, even lying down.

 I must have passed out because a few hours later a loud alarm jolted me off the mattress. When I should have landed on my head I landed on my feet. A split second later my doors opened, revealing Carolina with three ladies of varying ages wearing the same thing I was. I stood and limped over to the door, nearly falling when I got there.

 “Kongohan, Miss Red,” Carolina said, lifting a clipboard.


Kongohan, Miss Red. Someone needs to speak to you about your pronunciation. If you want to fit in that is,” Carolina said, gesturing for me to follow the girls. We were lead down a silver hallway and into some sort of mess tent. Aluminum tables lined the room length wise and we were lead to the end of one. As we sat the tent filled up with people in white lab coats and denim pants. A droid zoomed by, dropping metal dishes full of food in front of us.

“My name is Xia Yellow. I was found in the yellow district thirteen months ago. Where were you found?” the smallest girl spoke up, before she shoved a spoonful of the grey mush into her mouth.

 “The red one.”

 Everyone hissed as if in pain.

“That’s a taihenna. I was found in the blue district. Shia Shia Blue is my name. Kim here was found in the violet district,” the tallest one said. I finally looked at her. She had bright blue hair and lips. She would be easy to see in most situations. Kim was a little blond girl with violet eyeshadow on. Xia was the shortest, though I could tell she was the eldest, and she wore her brown hair waist length with a yellow ribbon in it.

 “How long were you guys under?”

“What do you mean?”

“I was in Cryogenesis.”

“We never were. Wow. This is amazing,” Xia said, leaning forward. “What was it like under Cryogenesis? I would love to know what that felt like.”

“Um… I could not begin to tell you. I don’t remember anything,” I said. I started forcing the gray mush down my throat. It tasted horrible. My mouth spasmed in fear as my tongue recoiled away from the hideous thing. Shia Shia obviously enjoyed the meal like it was the most delicious thing she had tasted. I recoiled at each moan of pleasure she let loose.

“How good is this Mush?”

 “Amazing. It is a new flavor,” Kim said, smiling through her mushy stuff. It took a few moments for me to keep my stomach down, feeling like I might vomit. A flash of brown streaked past and Kim ran off after it. Carolina ran past us, towards where Kim ran to.

“I… I don’t think that this stuff is… I’m not a fan of mush,” I finally said, shoving it away. Xia and Shia Shia stared at me, wide eyed. It was then that I realized that I was the only one who had ever lived outside of this society. I was the only one who had once eaten something other than mush.

 “What do you like to eat?”

 “What?” I asked, staring at my hands. The mush suddenly bled to pure liquid and the doors opened fully. Carolina walked over to our table with Kim’s ear in her grasp. She gestured to us before dragging Kim out the door. Shia Shia, Xia, and I followed at some distance behind. We walked slowly and I watched as Carolina put the other three girls back in their cages. She put me back last, hesitating at the door.

 “Everything you say is recorded, Miss Red.”

“Do I get a first name?”

“A what?”

 “Xia, Shia Shia, and Kim all have first names.”

“Ah. You get to pick that.”


“Your first name. You get to choose it. We decided that the colors would be allowed to choose their given names so that they can have some decisions,” she said. “You will be able to make some of your own decisions as soon as you get out into the field.”

 “The field? I’m not sure if I can do this. I don’t know anything about my ability.”

“Do your lifts,” Carolina responded. She left a second later and I was locked in.


I was there for a few months, taking lessons from their top people. When we were able to visit the laboratory for our testing I was fascinated by the microscopic things that they were designing. A doctor sat me down and started injecting things into my arms, checking to see me change color. A test went into my mouth before being drawn up and out again. They tested and tested me while Xia and Shia Shia watched. Kim was to my right being tested as well.

 “Doctor, why are you testing me?” I asked. The doctor said nothing. Carolina placed something over my mouth and it would not let me open it. I was wearing a muzzle. The freaks weren’t allowed to be talking to the doctors. Kim fidgeted with the gown they forced her to wear out of the corner of my eye. Shia Shia seemed more interested in her nails than anything else and Xia just simply stared.

All of a sudden an alarm went out, springing Xia into action. She raced from the room at an inhuman speed. Shia Shia followed moments later. Kim was allowed off the table, but they kept me where I was with metal restrains.

“You can’t go out yet and it is probably just a routine check,” one of the doctors said. I growled in annoyance, but no one took notice. A few moments later Shia Shia returned without a scratch on her.

 “Where are Kim and Xia?” Carolina asked, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it with her metal lighter. Shia Shia shrugged before handing something to Carolina. She took it in her right hand and stared at it. I strained to get a better look, but an orderly pulled me back to the table.

“These are for Miss Red, Carolina. Dr. Zah said that he wanted her to take her vitamins tonight at kongohan,” Shia Shia said, walking over to me and placing a hand on my shoulder. Xia and Kim ran in a few moments later. Kim was back on the table the instant her foot entered the room it seemed.

“Then we will give them to her when its kongohan. Now, get to the training yard,” Carolina responded, dropping the items into her pocket. She turned back to me and pulled the muzzle from my face. The doctors helped me off the table and lead me to the doorway. Carolina led us back to our rooms until kongohan so that we could do our daily weights. The machine gun attached to my arm was still heavy, but I could hold it up without toppling over.

I walked into my room last once again and started to do my arm lifts with the gun. I sat on the bed during one of the pumps and just kept going. Carolina did not close the door like she usually did, but came inside and leaned against one of the walls. She watched me work out as I completed my usual count and readied for bed.

“You will have your arm soon,” she said, surprising me.



“Is that why I have to take vitamins?” I asked.


 I looked up at her, staring at the mass of hair that seemed to wave hello. She stood there, hands in lab coat pocket, and watched me as I readied for a nap. The cushion was indented from where I slept every night. With the gun on I can only stay in one position while I sleep. I touched the cotton blanket that I had flung to the floor that morning to get up with my foot. I pulled it back up to the bed and laid it flat on the bed.

“Is there a reason you need your blanket?”

“I thought I would take a nap.”

 “Why would you do that?”

“A nap makes the time fly.”

 “Kongohan will be ready in an hour.”


“So it will be ready in an hour.”


 “So, shouldn’t you be preparing to eat?” Carolina asked, bewildered. I ignored her to concentrate on my blanket. She came forward and ripped the blanket from my grasp. My empty right hand opened and closed twice before she pulled me from the room by the gun. She slammed me into the wall beside my door.

 “Listen, ass wipe. Kongohan is now in half an hour. So you wasted thirty minutes of naptime on neatening your fucking bed. What do you say?”

“That this wall is uncomfortable.”

“Shut up. You need to get a different set of clothing on this instant.”

“This is the only set I have, Carolina,” I said, shoving her away from me. I walked back into my room and sat back on the door. She followed me back in, but she didn’t step more than two paces in. I picked the blanket up from where she threw it and started to fix it so that it was nice and steady. It took another half hour because I only have one arm, but I did manage to straighten it out nicely.

 “It is time for kongohan, Miss Red,” the doctor said behind me. I turned to her and waited for her to walk out. I followed her to pick up the other girls. Shia Shia was usually the third girl picked up by Carolina and Kim was the first. We were picking up the girls out of order and taking a different path towards the mess hall.

 Our supper was some sort of meat and some sort of vegetable. Of course we couldn’t tell what they were, but we would have to deal. I was just glad it wasn’t gruel anymore.

We ate in silence, enjoying the taste of something different. When I finished the bowl of meat-like substances Carolina dropped off the three pills I have to take. I swallowed them one at a time and washed them down with the last spoonful of vegetable mush. A second later I just saw black.