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Computer Problems

Glitches, changes in websites.

New formats that come with their

Own problems. Ones that mess

With the videos.


Freezing on a page, watching.

Software crashes and sudden

pop-ups. Ads with sound

On videos.


Restarting the video

On its own and causing

The browser to freeze.

I don’t want to restart.


Flash has crashed again.

And your computer

Just froze. You’ve

Lost everything.

Sterile White Walls

Diseases, toxins, bacteria
White blood cells
Battle to save a life.
Surgery is a trauma of its own.
Recovery is not a team sport.

Hooked into an IV
A girl has shrapnel wounds
With internal bleeding.
Children should not be around

A hospital bustles
Doctors hurry
This one has to be rolled
To the O.R. now.
This one can wait.

No one appreciates what
A doctor does
Unless it saves
Your life.