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Ballad of the Virga et Ardere

There once was an Elven Warrior,
Sent on a quest to find,
The Virga et Ardere,
To save Fantagaisia.

This warrior traveled over mountains,
And under seas.
He traveled until,
Until he was homesick.

As he stopped to rest,
The Fae Queen appeared,
She gave him the blue,
Blue Virga et Ardere.

As he walked through the forest,
A little puppy followed him,
And offered the orange,
Orange Virga et Ardere.

He came upon a strange creature,
Injured from a fight.
He healed him and received,
The green Virga et Ardere,

Together these three,
Three unlikely allies,
Saved Fantagaisia,
From destruction.

That Elven Warrior,
Had three daughters,
Who owned a shrine,
And had children.

I am a descendant,
The heir to the shrine.
I must protect,
The Virga et Ardere.