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Psyche’s Dread

Its almost time.
My sleeves drenched
by my sister’s sobs.
Its almost time to meet
my future husband.
The veil I wear
forces my head down
as if its a burden.

Aphrodite’s vengeance
has hit me, leaving its own
form of magical gaping face wounds.
Her mark chased off my potential
suitors, destroyed my chances with mortal,
human, normal men.
Now I shall climb that hill
the Oracle spoke about.

Its time.
My heart pulsates
As my march
Approaches the hill.
I can hear it in my ears,
Loud and obnoxious.
It blocks out my family’s
Concerned words.
The Oracle said a creature
Would take me as his wife.
Is he a monster?
I must assume so.

I should have stopped
going to temple during the rush.
I should have stopped
when they called me Aphrodite.
There’s nothing I can do now.
Goodbye, World.


My mother has a hold over me,

A hold I cannot break.

Every jealous plan

I must go along with.

Things will never change.

Something inside me is different.

Something strange.

I saw the woman, Psyche,

A woman so beautiful

My mother is jealous

Of the attention

She received.

I have found myself in her arms.

I no longer wish to obey my mother.

I must marry her.

The oracle hears my plea

And informs her family of me.

I will have her.

I give her my love

And receive her own.

But theirs a nagging feeling

In the back of my head.

Her sisters are strange.

I suspect they fill her head

With wrong assumptions.

I hope I am wrong.